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Rules and FAQ's

  • No member should argue with Admins/Moderators.
  • To see admin recruitment procedure Click Here
  • If you feel you aren't treated right by any admin or member then PM Lucifer
  • Never accuse any player of cheating without any proof
  • To check detailed game stats Click Here
  • You can Donate to OG to get VIP access or Super-Admin powers.
  • If you enroll your name into any Clan Match and don't show up then you will not be allowed in future matches.
  • Tournaments hosted by OG will take place on OG server(s) and all records will be available on website.
  • To check ScreenShot of any player on server use OG public ScreenShot Panel.
  • All teams captains are responsible for their respective teams so choose your members wisely.
  • All members should update their gamestats in their OG profile weekly so that team captains will be able to judge them.
  • You should take refrence from your XLRSTATS while updating your gamestats.
  • Never use banned perk on server, after 3 warings and a kick you will be banned from server.
  • Banned perks are Martydom, Juggeranut, Granade Launcher, RPG, 3 Frags, Last Stand, etc.
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